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I'm Dani, welcome to my T-Room! If you've got your best dress on, or your wife's lipstick, pout for me, mmm you look gorgeous honey, come out here! If not, then I know you're even more curious! This is a site for all transgendered people, transvestites, transexuals, cross-dressers, their friends, fans and partners. There's no pornography or naked photos, there's something far more tender - real people sharing their experiences, love and happiness.

Meet UK Transexual ladyboy Danielle

In the Community Area, you can create a free personal profile allowing you to meet thousands of other transvestites, transexuals, cross dressers, drag queens, female impersonators, lesbians, gays, couples and admirers from around the world. There's also a Transvestite Chat Room in the Community Area where members can chat.

There's helpful information on leading a happy double life in Inspirations, plus loads of things to lighten your journey, reviews of pubs, transvestite clubs, restaurants, bars, festivals and events from around the GLBT scene, plus beauty, deportment and lifestyle advice and links to further transgender resources.

And last but not least, there's the transgender friendly beauty shop offering brand name cosmetics and make up, from lipstick and foundation to mascara and nail polish, jewellery, clip on earrings, chokers and other fantastic items at discount prices and with discreet shipping and billing.

In short, you just found everything you need to be a happy transexual or transvestite!

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